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 In city bomber games (the prototypical being Blitz, ca. 1982) you completely destroy a city with bombs. Here things are a bit different. In order to complete a level, you have to carefully aim for targets [$] and dive-attack. Then you hit a detonator [*] at the base level of the city.


In-game press <space> or <down> to attack; <ESC> will quit the screen you are in (in case of the Game Over Screen, it exits the game). You can press <m> to toggle audio on/off (this only works in-play & during the briefing rollout).


Avoid(!) buildings (you lose $). Hit with range (you win $). You need a score of 1000 to survive the detonator blast. A score of zero or below means Game Over. There's more (incl. cheats) .. keep playing / looking :)


 This game should run on any late 1980s era 16bit DOS PC setup or Dosbox (3000 cycles is good enough).

Version History:

  Rev $12.2 - smaller exe, level highscore added
  Rev $11.2 -  initial release


 Design & game by tomaes, May 2020


Source at: https://github.com/tomaes


ninblitz.zip 7 kB

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